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Exclusive Fabrication Group Offers Custom Stone Solutions

Austin, TX — Kitchen designers looking to feel secure in the knowledge that they are specifying

the highest quality material for their clients’ countertops need only follow some simple advice: Start at the top.

These are the sentiments of Chad Seiders, executive director for the Artisan Group – a stone fabrication group that consists of 32 top-tier custom countertop fabricators. He notes that the group provides a high-end fabrication resource for designers and their clients across several geographic areas in North America.

According to Seiders, the group is not only looking to improve methods for specifying products, but is also constantly searching for the best granite, quartz and wood available – even going as far as Brazil or India, if required.

He explains: “Artisan Group was formed so that high-quality countertop fabricators from all parts of North America could collaborate to bring their own granite and other countertop products to market with organized branding.”

At its heart is the group’s business model, which provides a forum for its members to share knowledge and combine their buying power while providing products that kitchen and bath dealers – and consumers – want to see.

“Since our members are all owners in the partnership, it benefits them to share best practices with other members. In addition, Artisan Group has created tremendous buying power through our combined purchases, and through this we are able to source the best natural stone available,” he notes.

He says that the hand-picked roll of members – most of whom have over 20 years’ experience in the industry – are all required to achieve accreditation status from the Marble Institute of America (MIA), showing their commitment to quality fabrication and safety standards.

The overall market share for granite countertops has grown steadily during the recession, leading to combined revenue for Artisan Group of nearly $350 million, Seiders notes. He attribute this to granite’s functional properties as well as its seamless positioning for eco-conscious clients.

“Granite requires a very low consumption of energy in the manufacturing process; it’s inert and non-toxic, and promises an over-100-year useful life, which makes it very sustainable,” he describes.

He says the group is currently considering adding new products with high recycled content – a plan that will fit well with its Lifetime Warranty.

“The warranty on granite countertops not only covers staining, but craftsmanship and material integrity as well,” he notes. The warranty was put together by fabricators on the “front line” of the industry who “thoroughly understand the concerns of consumers.”


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Evan Kruger, an Artisan Group board member, is owner of Solidtops LLC., a custom-made countertop fabricator and manufacturer headquartered in Easton Maryland. Solidtops custom manufactures kitchen countertops and bath countertops to create Granite countertops (Artisan Group), Silestone countertops , Soapstone countertops (kisii stone), Corian countertops and EOS materials countertops

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