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Ordering and Installation

The process for getting a SolidTops countertop

At Solidtops, we start with a basic drawing and rough measurements of your kitchen. You can provide these to us, and within a few hours we will provide you a quote in multiple Countertop materials.

Click for directions to Get a Quote.

At this time, Solidtops will provide you brochures showing the colors and additional details on the surfaces so you can begin to refine your preferences, and may be able to narrow your decision down to two or three choices.

Once the decision is made on color and countertop material, Solidtops will provide you with an Order, Terms and Conditions, and other information for final review and your signature. At this point, we request a deposit of 50% of the total cost. This signature is our cue to schedule our Template Crew to come to your home. At this same time, we order your material and provide you an installation date.

Getting an in-home estimate
Our sales staff would be more than happy to meet with you in your home. Simply call us at (410) 819-0770 to schedule an appointment. We are, however, not certified interior designers so any large scale design advice you need such as replacement of cabinets or any interior remodeling work would be better serviced by other design providers such as remodeling contractors or Kitchen and Bath Shops.

The Templating Process
The template is a precise pattern made of your future countertops that will be used to produce your countertop. This template is put into our Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. When we are ready to cut your counters out, the CAD data will be loaded into our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system and production will begin. Templating involves using a digitizing machine that precisely measures your walls and cabinets and allows us to draw your countertop shapes while still in your home. Our templaters are skilled and experienced craftspeople and can work with you as they measure for your tops.

Feel free to consult with your templater to make any final adjustments and decisions. Oftentimes we will email these final drawings directly to our plant so that the physical work on your countertops can begin before our templating crew even returns to the office. With templates this fast and accurate, Solidtops is essentially building you a fine piece of furniture to exacting standards in just six business days. Change orders after the template therefore are sometimes impossible to accommodate. This is why we stress for the customer to be prepared for the template date with all the essential items and ideas.

There are several steps you will need to complete before we can schedule our crews to come template your job:
  1. Get an estimate from SolidTops and make final decisions on material, color, edges, etc.
  2. Complete your order with us, complete paperwork and provide us a 50% deposit
  3. Choose your sink and faucet and have them on site for the template
  4. Have important appliances, such as cook top/range on site for the template
  5. Have your cabinets permanently installed in their final position

Click for full details and checklists on the templating process.

The Installation Process
Our Installation Crew will arrive at your home approximately 6 business days later to complete the installation of your counters. The average installation takes about 4 hours but this varies from job to job. Solidtops crews will take care in covering your floors and preventing any unnecessary mess. They will clean up after themselves and conduct themselves in a responsible manner. They will need electrical power and unobstructed access to the area in which they are to work and will need to back their trucks close to the building entrance.

If you have contracted with Solidtops to remove any existing countertops we will remove and dispose of them for you just prior to fitting your new tops. In most instances we can disconnect your current plumbing for the removal but a licensed plumber should be contracted by you to complete the new hook-up the next day after the installation is completed.

Click for full details and checklists to prepare for an installation.

Here are answers to some common questions about the installation process.

Will my countertop have a seam?
Solidtops will avoid seams if possible, but the reality is that the majority of countertops will have a seam no matter how hard we try. The need for seams and the placement of these seams are determined by slab size of the materials you select, the color patterns of the material, and your custom layout.

How is the seam placement determined on my stone countertops?
Seams are determined by SolidTops expert template crews and shop production engineers, depending on countertop layout, support needed, and material size parameters. We strive to have seam placement as non-obvious as possible, working within certain engineering best practices and the constraints of the chosen materials. We pride ourselves in doing the highest quality work with the fewest number of seams.

How will I know if my old cabinets can support a new countertop?
Stone countertops can weigh 15 to 20 pounds a square foot. At the time of template, our templating team will make sure your cabinets are structurally sound to handle the weight of your new countertops.

How much does the stone countertop weigh?
Stone slabs weigh 15 to 20 pounds per square foot.

Do I need a sub deck under my stone countertops?
Silestone: No, all of our Silestone slabs are 3cm (1 ¼'') thick and will lie directly on your cabinets.

Granite: No, all of our Granite slabs are 3cm (1 ¼'') thick and will lie directly on your cabinets.

Eos Solid Surface: No, Eos is 3cm thick and will lie directly on your cabinets.

Corian Solid Surface: No. Although Corian is only ½'' thick with a 1 ½'' front edge the structural support system is built into the countertop in our shop and will lie directly on your cabinets.

How thick will my countertops be?
Quartz Surfaces (ex: Silestone®) - 3cm (1 ¼'') thick

Granite and soapstone - 3cm (1 ¼'') thick

EOS - 3cm (1 ¼'') thick

Other solid surfaces (ex: Corian®) 1 ½'' thick

How much overhang can I have on my countertops?
Granite countertops can extend 6'' unsupported without cutouts provided it is on a 24'' deep base cabinet

Silestone countertops can extend 8'' unsupported without cutouts provided it is on a 24'' deep base cabinet

Solid Surface countertops can extend 6'' unsupported without cutouts provided it is on a 24'' deep base cabinet

Can I install my own countertops?
The manufacturers of our countertop products will only warranty the products if they are fabricated by an authorized fabricator and installed by an authorized installer. Solidtops is authorized to fabricate and install by all the product manufacturers we sell (Corian, EOS, Silestone, Cambria, Zodiaq, Avanza, Artisan Granite).

We can template and fabricate only and also just fabricate only from your drawings. No warranties will apply in these cases.

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