Choosing the right fabricator is just as important as choosing the right countertop.
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Choosing a Fabricator

In today’s modern kitchens and baths, there are exotic natural and man-made materials, sophisticated designs and amazing possibilities. Realizing them rests on an important first step: finding the right fabricator. Here’s how: 

Start in your own backyard

Choosing a local fabricator, one who works in your area, is a good bet. Because they work and live in the community, chances are your local contractor must be good and reliable in order to stay in business. Ask how long they have been in business. Do they provide a warranty? Check for proper local and state licenses and insurance.

Insist on options

Countertops can be made of a dizzying array of materials. Some are more suited to providing a hard-working surface, others are ideal as a luxurious design element. No single fabricator offers them all. But some fabricators offer only one, which may not match your needs. So look for fabricators who give you a choice by carrying the top brands of the most popular materials: Quartz, Granite, Marble and Solid Surface.  A professional countertop fabricator is well versed in many materials and can help you choose which would best match your usage, traffic patterns, style and budget.

Get references

Ask your fabricator for references and call those customers. Was the fabricator easy to deal with? How did they communicate and handle any problems? Was the job finished on time? Ask to see the fabricator’s finished projects so you can verify the quality of the workmanship.

Get a contract

The fabricator should provide you with a detailed, written contract. It should state the materials, colors and styles to be used.


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