Selecting Your Countertops

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Selecting Your Countertops

Matching a Countertop to Your Needs
You need to consider your lifestyle and how you will use your countertops and decorative surfaces. At Solidtops our goal is to exceed your expectations by being an open and honest resource of information.  We think this is what sets us apart from the others.   We are here to answer your questions about all the attributes, both pro or con, along with the features and benefits of the various types of surfacing materials available.

Advantages of Quartz Surface Countertops
Quartz Surfacing is made from the same strong natural components as granite, namely quartz minerals, that are bound together by resin forming an extremely dense, consistent surface.  Additionally, because it is non-porous, Quartz Surfacing never needs sealing, offers low maintenance and long-lasting beauty and comes in many varied color combinations.

SolidTops is the exclusive regional distributor for ChesapeakeQuartz® which is quickly becoming our most popular quartz surface. We also proudly offer Cambria®, CaesarStone®, Silestone®, LG®  and Zodiaq®.

Advantages of Granite Countertops
Granite has become one of the best surfaces used for countertops because of its extreme hardness and natural beauty.  The distinct color and pattern variations from slab to slab give you a countertop that is completely and uniquely yours!! Available in 100s of colors and a number of textures, Granite is strong, durable and beautiful.

SolidTops is the exclusive regional distributor of Artisan Granite which provides a limited lifetime warranty including a worry free10 year sealing treatment. We stock many different varieties at our Artisan Design Showroom and we work with regional stone wholesalers to provide you with even more to choose from.

Marble, Quartzite, Soapstone, Limestone and Exotic Stone Surfaces
Marble and other exotic stones provide a palette of the most unique looks and colors imaginable.  These stones are available in many grades and appropriately used for various purposes.  At SolidTops we carefully select only the best grades for the performance you expect for your kitchen and bath surfaces.  Marble and other exotic stones are not as hard or scratch resistant as Quartz Surfacing or Granite but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used successfully for kitchen and bath.  We are here to help you make good choices balancing your vision of beauty and utility. 

Advantages of Solid Surface Countertops
Solid Surface counters are affordably made from Acrylic and Polyester composites that allow virtually invisible transitions between pieces, sinks, and even into the backsplash. Solid Surface is non-porous, making maintenance and cleanup very easy. There are many brands of Solid Surface to choose from.  SolidTops features Meganite®, LG® and Corian® Solid Surface.  Solid Surface is not as hard or scratch resistant as Quartz Surfacing or Granite but it is easily renewable and perfectly suitable for kitchen and bath applications.  We are here to listen to your requirements and help be your guide to making good surfacing choices.

Options For A Backsplash

SolidTops can cut and install a variety of different types of backsplash. The standard for stone is 4” high and the standard for solid surface is 3” but we can be as creative as you need us to be. Some of our customers have selected full height backsplash, which runs from the top of your countertops up to your wall cabinets. Other customers have created custom splashes with swoops and swirls to add decorative accents to their walls. And still others of our customers have chosen not to have splash from SolidTops at all and instead install tile backsplash after SolidTops is finished with the countertop install. The sky is the limit, so let your creativity run wild!

Example Edges For Your Tops
Note: not all edges are available with all counter materials.


Options for your sinks
There are numerous sink styles on the market today, from cast iron to stone composite, stainless steel to porcelain and custom made sinks using granite, marble and soapstone to match your countertop.  Categories of sink styles include:

  • Drop in (also known as self-rimming)
  • Undermount
  • Farm style (or apron front)
  • Integrated only available in solid surfaces

Not sure what sink to choose? We have many brands and styles to choose from in our showroom including stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain, ceramic and even our own hand -made natural stone sinks.  SolidTops is a certified Kohler® specialty dealer so let us help you select the perfect sink for your needs.


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